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  • Playing: With their minds
  • Eating: Her heart out
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1. You must post these rules. 
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions 
that people you tag will answer. 
4. Choose 10 people + put their icons on your journal. 
5. Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED! 
6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged
if you read this.' 
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people. 
8. No tag-backs.
9. Can't say, no tags.
10. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry

1. What is your favorite AU in fanfiction?

I had to look that term up so what do you think?

2. Name at least three songs that you are currently enjoying.

MOON – Hydrogen

Thrift Shop – Maclemore

Running – NIN

Echoplex – NIN

Discipline – NIN

Absolute Territory – Ken Ashcorp

My Boy Builds Coffins – Florence + The Machine

Words as Weapons – Birdy (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)

Internet Friends – Knife Party

All I Want for Christmas is a Boy – Niic

3. Name the weirdest thing you have done, either alone or in the presence of others.

I've done a lot of odd things. I once stared a man in the face inches from a passionate kiss only to be stopped by a call for pizza. All for the purpose of getting him to move off the bench.

I once confessed to the girl I'm in love with whilst having a mental breakdown in a London hotel room.

I once got caught alone in a storm on a canoe getting my only pair of cloths soaking wet at a one week camp.

I once unintentionally broke a window with my butt.

I once broke into my own house.

I once broke into my friends house to get his xbox.

I once invaded Russia in the winter.

I once spoke to kittens living in my walls.

I once hunted for a dog with a long sword.

I once started a violent book club that started fights.

I once in a drunken state of complete and total exhaustion attempted to jump a golf cart parked next to a porch in front of a steep hill. I was unsuccessful...

I hug people... a lot... and whisper things into their ear...


4. Exactly how concerned are you about your reputation?

More than you, less than them.

5. How do you, personally, listen to someone's conversation without them overhearing you?

I just sorta stand there. Most often they don't care. If they do notice me however I just walk over to the nearest tech thing, say I'm working on something, and pull out some cabling from my bag.

6. If you were to work in the government, what would you be doing?

There's not much I could do, or really want to do. I guess if anything it would be analysis and reveal. Sorta as a spy only I would be doing little more than revealing noteworthy info to the public as I see fit. I guess I'd like to be a Janitor. That always sounded fun to me. Janitor to a top secret location.

7. Write a description of your room.

I got two windows on one wall. They're side by side sharing the same windowsill. To the right of that wall facing the windows in the corner are two book shelves. There but loading with random books from textbooks on modern to ancient weaponry to stories about adventurous cats. Beneath my two windows is my bed. To the left of my window wall is a door that opens into a small walk in closet. In is a dresser, cloths, magnets, bags, materials, stuff. In the center of my room is an old upside down desktop. Placed on top of it is a slab of wood. Next to my books shelves are piles of magazines, documents, cabling, mini laptops, laptops, CD's, boxes, old coins, keyboards, and stuff. To the left facing my window wall next to the closet door is a small metal shelf thingy that hold's an old portable TV, gamecube games, movies, old writing journals, miscellaneous documents, cabling, various materials, and stuff. Above that on the wall is a detailed diagram of the architecture within the walls of St. Paul’s cathedral, a picture of a baby tiger, above which hangs a stuffed star upon which a small stuffed baby tiger sits and off of which a blue monkey hangs. Also in the far left corner of my room is a guitar, and sitting on top of the door to my closet is a stuffed cat (these are all plush toys by the way, I used to collect). Next to those hangs a poster with many of the various planes flying during WWII. Over my windows hangs a plush sun, with a dragon sitting on top of it. I have navy blue curtains. To my right wall on top of my shelves are trophies (from when I used to play sports) and old wooden CO2 racers of made in a tech class, as well as some ceramic dragons, and Chinese wooden sculptures. On the wall hangs a small poster with many different breeds of cats, above which is a small diagram of the planets, to the right of that hangs a plush moon. Next to that hangs a PVC bow, below which is a dark painting of a castle, next to which is a magnetic dartboard. Next to my metal shelf thingy on the left wall is a lantern with three light modules with a rubber snake rapped around them holding a swiss flag. Next to the desktop at the center of my room is a white board on a music stand facing the most difficult thing to describe in my room. My mother effing workstation... Okay, so my workstation covers the entirety of my wall facing my windows. So okay, to start off I've been describing my room from the perspective of facing my windows. Now I'm going to turn it around to make it easier for me. On my right is a corner desk. Part of the desk extends across the right wall, and the res extend across a portion of the wall in front of me. On the portion extending across the right wall are materials, knife sharpeners, wood burners, and blades. On the desk portion extending on the wall in front of me are cassete tapes, CD's, my wacom tablet, and a mouse. Hanging from beneath this portion of the desk is my Verizon set top box. Now on the left side of my desk extending across the wall in front of my is a small tower with three shelves. This shelves contain a copy of les Miserables, two cat books, a German to English/English to German dictionary, and a small safe. Now there is a shelf surface that extended from the top of this tower to the right of my desk. Hanging from the right corner of my desk is a small cabinet with a shelf next to it. In the shelf is an HTML manual next to a copy of the Dragonology handbook. In the cabinet is a mess of Wood and CD's. Beneath this desk is a tool bag a Box, a ceramic vase, and a Sony Speaker system. Also there is a pencil sharpener on top of my desk. In front of this desk is my wheely chair upon which sits me and my coat. This chair is most often facing the wall to my left. In the divide between my corner desk and another desk is a frick tone of cabling on the floor. A big wooden crate open which sits a speaker upon which sits a computer screen. Also two controllers sit on top of this wooden box in front of the speaker. Now for the desk next to this. On the front right corner sits my primary computer screen facing my chair. In front of my chair sits a stood upon which sits my keyboard. On top of this desk to the back of it is a GEQ, on top of that is an audio compressor, and a microphone input management thingy. Now there is a shelf above that. On top of that shelf is an HD TV facing my chair. In front of the GEQ is a Steam box. Both the Steam Box and the Verizon set top box are connected to this TV. Next to the steam box is a Logitech Flight stick. On top of the Steam Box sits 100 blank CD's. Beneath this desk is my custom built computer often glowing all blue like, and my printer. As well as a mess of documents and stuff. On this wall hangs a picture of a cat, and a cross. On the floor to the right of my right desk is a ceramic cat. On my floor to the right and left of my bed are small fans. In the center of my room from the ceiling nags a dragon with a small cat on it's back. Also on the shelf of my left desk there is a lamp thingy clamped to it, with a mess of inks, remote control thingy's candles and dust rags.

And that should about cover it...

8. If you were to die with poetic justice, how would you transpire?

At the end.

9. At three am in the morning, what can you be found doing?

Cleaning, programming, writing, watching TV, gaming, exercising, cutting, burning, sanding, drawing (if you can call it that...), admireing art, animating, watching online video's, recording gameplay video's, maybe homework, walking, flopping on the floor like a fish, praying, talking to friends, talking to myself, wishing I wasn't alone, being alone, listening to music, thinking, and occasionally sleep.

10. Blue or brown eyes?

What kind of question is this? I collect all the colors! 

You honestly think I know ten people!? I'm happy I know one much less ten!

P.S. He can claim it to be Jif all he wants, since when did original intent mandate the pronunciation of language? So frick him, and anyone else who thinks I'm an idiot for saying Gif. I'll all the way to Hell and back cause you know what? My fricken speech and I'll say it whatever way I see fit. I'm tired of this BS. If people want to pronounce things weird they can go to France. I'm sure they'd be happy to accept them.

(This racist tirade brought to you by I'm to tired to care, but not enough to ignore how bad I'll feel about this later)


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United States
Well I'm sort of what happens when you take a Mexican, an otaku, a geek, a Christian, a cat lover, a politician, an idiot, a philosopher, a nerd, a writer, a pyro, a DIY person, a gamer, a fashonista, and slapped them all together. So yeah I'm a little insane.

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